Madison Sewing Studio

Sector67's sewing room & community sewing classes.

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    Management Changes

    Moving forward the Madison Sewing Studio will officially be under the leadership and direction of Sector67. For all other events, classes, membership inquiries, please see Sector67′s website by clicking the link on the menu at the top of the page.

    If you’re interested in membership, stop by on Friday for ‘Open for Tours’ hours where you can take a tour on the hour from 1-7pm. Please note that the space is closed to the public after 7pm. Here you will get a tour of Sector67′s entire space including the sewing area and talk about membership.

    If you are interested in teaching classes or have any questions regarding the space please contact Chris Meyer, Sector67′s Director.

    What’s Next?

    We’ve had a lot of fun setting up the sewing space in Sector67 and consider establishing this space a stepping stone to our next project. After seeing the success of the MadRunway fashion show in May we have found a more specific niche we would like to focus our energies on: Providing a platform that showcases local fashion design in Madison, WI.

    If you are interested in following this journey you can join our Madison Fashion Network group on Facebook to get updates on local fashion-related events.

    Maggie & Melissa

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